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REPLAY: Human Rights Act Reform Consultation (URGENT)

The Government wants to “balance” our individual rights with the “rights of society”. This proposition is a FALLACY. There is no society without individuals, therefore the “rights of society” DEPEND on the rights of each individual being upheld…

The Problem with “My Body, My Choice”

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The pretext for mandatory vaccination is that vaccination: a) prevents disease/death; and b) is completely safe. That’s why SOME people believe YOU shouldn’t need a choice about it, and that you’re a health terrorist if you’re even hesitant about vaccination…

What the GoF?

Watch this video! This is just a short post to introduce the important topic of Gain of Function (GoF) research, which is briefly described in this enlightening video. Watch from @10:30 mins The entire video is actually worth watching, if… Read More »What the GoF?