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Class Action Covid UK

Harmed by
Covid Measures?

If you’ve suffered loss or injury because of Covid Measures in the UK, you may have a claim against the UK Government for causing these harms.

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A Case for Everyone in the UK

On 16 March 2020, the UK Government's chosen advisers published a report that triggered the first UK lockdown and the adoption of a long term policy of 'suppression'. That policy has caused unprecedented harm to the public.

The report was based on computer modelling with many false assumptions, for example:

All of the above, and more, have been proven WRONG.  Covid Measures were based on bad advice and bad assumptions.


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Frequently Asked Questions

You can email us at to let us know you have a potential claim, and we’ll forward you a form to fill in.

We’re currently waiting on a legal opinion, which we expect to receive by the end of January 2023.  After that, we’ll begin to contact potential claimants and assess individual claims.

In our view, almost everybody in the country has been adversely affected by Covid Measures.  The vast majority are oblivious, however, because the government used behavioural psychology and censorship to limit the information that the public received, and to shape their thinking.

You can help make people aware of this case by sharing the website, this will in turn help the courts to see that there is a public interest for hearing the case.

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Class Action Covid UK was set up to challenge ‘Covid Measures’ such as lockdowns, tiers, social distancing rules and mask mandates, which have led to ill health and/or financial loss.  The experimental Covid injections are part of these Measures.  Therefore, harms resulting from these injections will fall into the scope of a group litigation against ‘Covid Measures.’ 

Whether you choose to call the injections ‘vaccines’ or something else, the important point is that bodily integrity is protected by English law.  So, medical intervention should not be mandated and informed consent should always be sought.  This has not been the case during the Covid situation.  On the contrary, we have been coerced and subjected to vaccine propaganda and misinformation.  Therefore, Covid ‘vaccine’ harms are a major part of this case.

Please note that views expressed in blog posts on this website are those of the post’s author and do not represent CACUK or any other person, group or lawyer who may from time to time advise or otherwise help with the class action.

This is your case and you can definitely help.  Here are some of the ways in which you can help CACUK and those who have been harmed:

  1. Share – The more people who know about CACUK, the better.  Everybody should have the opportunity to join, if they have a claim, or they may wish to contribute towards the costs.
  2. Donate – If you’re able and would like to contribute with a financial donation, every penny is gratefully received, and no amount is too small.
  3. Evidence – We receive a lot of links, videos and memes as “evidence” for the case against Covid Measures.  But we can really only work with reliable, original sources such as clinical studies and official raw data.  Please see our newsletter for the best way to send us source information as evidence for CACUK.
  4. Whistleblowers – If you work in government, the NHS, or other relevant organisations or industries and have information about the Covid situation that needs to come to light, you can report this confidentially and anonymously.  Please email:
  5. Skills & Time – If you have experience in admin, research (medical or legal), media or social media, and have time to spare, we would love to hear from you.  Please send us a message through the webform.

Class Action Covid UK is based on the English common law system since it is a tort case.  A tort is a legal wrong, where you can claim damages (compensation) if someone’s actions have caused you loss or injury. 

Class Action Covid UK is also a ‘civil law’ case, as opposed to a ‘criminal law’ case.  Criminal cases must be proven “beyond a reasonable doubt”.  That is an extremely high standard of proof.  Civil cases, on the other hand, are decided “on the balance of probabilities”.  To win her case on the balance of probabilities, the claimant only needs to prove it is more than 50% likely her case is right.  This is what the scales of justice (see our header picture) represents.  Our case is also completely different from judicial reviews, which have consistently failed to challenge Covid Measures.

There is much confusion currently about what common law actually is.  Common law principles and concepts have been established and refined over many centuries and are always evolving as new cases are tried.  Binding precedents are set by the higher courts, such as the Supreme Court, and this is how our common law develops over time.

A good explanation about common law and its interplay with statute and other types of law can be found here.

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