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About us

Who Are We?

What is CACUK?

CACUK - Class Action Covid UK – was set up in October 2020 to address personal injuries and losses that were resulting from lockdown and other “Covid measures”, which at the time included masks, mask mandates and test mandates.

We knew, from prior research, that “Covid vaccines” were likely to cause more harm than good. Once the vaccines were rolled out, reports of vaccine injuries and deaths were censored and suppressed by mainstream media, due to the influence of UK Government’s powerful Counter Disinformation Unit.

In January 2023 we submitted a 130-page brief to legal counsel, documenting the Covid sham, which our barrister described as “very compelling” and “the best brief I’ve ever seen”.

Despite this, we have been unable to get justice through the courts because - to the surprise of many lawyers - the government is unaccountable for its actions.

Can You Help?

We are now working to ensure that the public has access to critical information that was censored and suppressed throughout the Covid years by the government’s Counter Disinformation Unit.

We now believe the best way to guarantee bodily integrity and informed consent is by providing the information that neither the government nor the medical profession will give you.  If you’d like to help, please click through to our donation page where you can support us in this endeavour.

Class Action Covid UK