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About us

Who Are We?

What is CACUK?

CACUK - Class Action Covid UK - is a cohort of individuals who have been harmed by lockdown measures and want to get justice for this. We believe the UK government, together with certain individuals and organisations, have created a humanitarian and economic crisis on a national and global level.

This website was set up in response to hundreds of emails from those harmed by the “measures,” experiencing mental suffering, discrimination and abuse, and looking for moral support, encouragement, and answers to immediate problems as well as wanting to seek legal redress in the longer term.

So, while working on a template case that will cover everybody's Lockdown Harms, we seek to provide helpful information and support on this website and through our newsletter.


"A pandemic is the worldwide spread of a new disease" (according to the WHO). But most people testing positive have no disease.


PCR and lateral flow tests do not distinguish live virus. They confirm neither active infection nor infectiousness.


Imperial College London's modelling informs UK government policy. But it is riddled with flaws and arbitrary assumptions.

Will we win?

Overwhelming evidence indicates lockdown doesn't work, and the restrictions cause only harm. This harm was both foreseeable and preventable.

English judicial review cases against lockdown have consistently failed. Other legal teams are working to prove global pandemic fraud, but we don't know how long this will take or whether they will be successful. CACUK aims to bring a case in tort against UK's government decision-makers. This might seem less serious than fraud. But we can prove they have caused us harm, and we are looking to compensate everyone for their loss of livelihood, health and wellbeing.

"Justice is an ideal and law is a tool" (LE Modesitt, Jr). We must use the tool of the law to get justice for all.

Can you help?​

If you’re a professional with skills to offer, we would love to hear from you!  As statistics continue to be manipulated, and expensive marketing campaigns obfuscate the facts, we have more than just a legal battle to win.


Join us

To register your interest in Class Action Covid UK, and subscribe to our newsletter, enter your details below (you can unsubscribe at any time). If you’re outside the UK, you're welcome to join us. This is a global crisis that we can fight and win together.