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About us

Who Are We?

What is CACUK?

CACUK - Class Action Covid UK - is a mission to get justice for the countless, devastating harms caused by "Covid Measures" in the UK.

Our evidence shows that the UK Government, acting in lockstep with other nations and organisations, has created a humanitarian and economic crisis in this country by its Covid Measures.

Our "class action" covers loss and injury from all of the Measures, beginning with the first lockdown of 2020 and continuing through the mass rollout of dangerous, experimental, gene-modifying pharmaceutical preparations that have been forced upon us.


"A pandemic is the worldwide spread of a new disease" (according to the WHO). But most people testing positive have no disease.


PCR and lateral flow tests do not distinguish between live and dead viral particles. They cannot prove infection or infectiousness.


Imperial College London's modelling informs UK government policy. But it is riddled with flaws and arbitrary assumptions.

Will we win?

Overwhelming evidence shows that lockdowns didn't work, and that the restrictions caused only harm. That harm was both foreseeable and preventable.

English judicial review cases against lockdown have consistently failed. Other legal teams have attempted to prove fraud or crimes against humanity, but have so far not been successful.

CACUK's case is a tort case based on English common law. Tort means that if someone's actions caused you loss or injury, you can claim against them, whoever they are, and whether they meant it or not. So tort is easier to prove than fraud or crimes against humanity!

"Justice is an ideal and law is a tool" (LE Modesitt, Jr).

We have set up our class action to utilise the tool of the law in order to get justice for everyone in the UK. We also want other countries to be able to use our template case.

Can you help?​

If you’re a professional with skills to offer, we would love to hear from you!  As statistics continue to be manipulated, and expensive marketing campaigns obfuscate the facts, we have more than just a legal battle to win.


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