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Case Update: 19 January 2023

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We've Paid for Expert Legal Advice

After more than two years working painstakingly on the ultimate class action against “Covid Measures”we finally submitted the case summary for expert legal advice.  The brief, submitted on 9 December 2022, was 131 pages long with 288 references, backing up our claims with reliable, original sources.

The fee for the advice, which will be a time-consuming job, is £6,000 + VAT (totalling £7,200).  We believe this is very reasonable but we only had just over £6,000 in our contributions ‘pot’.  We offered to pay £6,000 upfront for Counsel to commence the work ASAP, and to pay the remainder as soon as we could.  Our offer was accepted and we have been given one month to settle the outstanding £1,200.

We now call on anybody willing and able to contribute to this landmark case, covering ALL harms from masks, vaccines, forced testing and more, to help out for these initial barrister’s fees. 

Why Contribute?

The UK’s Covid Measures affected everybody in the UK.  

At first, it was the lockdown of March, 2020, which a huge number of us objected to because we knew it would cause, and was proving to cause, more harm than good.  Business closure, job loss, loss of income, family separation, people dying in their homes.  Children affected by the mass psychosis being impressed upon them by their parents and others all around them wearing masks.  The stress of “homeschooling” whilst holding down a full-time job, the isolation of grandparents, the online censorship and vilification of those expressing non-government views.  The “cancellation” and humiliation of expert scientists.  The forced testing and masking in the NHS and other settings.  The mental suffering, the propaganda, the assault.  

So many of us suffered.

Next, it was the unscientific mask mandates, introduced at a time when the (unbiased) science told us there was no longer any pandemic, if there ever was one – mortality data and other evidence indicated that factors OTHER than a virus were causing excess deaths in March and April, this cannot be ignored.

We gave up our Christmas for the government’s Covid Measures, and suffered further extended lockdowns and other “Measures” for no reason.  Meanwhile, the government chose to roll out a dangerous experimental vaccine programme based on little or no safety data.  The aggressive propaganda campaign accompanying this particular “Covid Measure” compelled millions to accept a medical intervention without an opportunity to give valid consent.

We now see heartbreaking injuries and deaths resulting from these gene-modifying preparations, which are evidently causing wide-ranging heart, skin and neurological disorders, triggering the onset or relapse of cancers, and much, much more.

This case will address all of it, seeking compensation from the government, holding government to account for its actions.  Insofar as it tests the deeply ingrained principle of bodily integrity, the case could become a cornerstone for the future of English common law.

Your contribution can make this happen.

What Next?

We’re expecting a response from Counsel by the end of January / early February.  We will post an update once we receive this, however, if you’d like to be kept updated, because of censorship and shadowbanning, the best way is to sign up to the newsletter.

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