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Is Your Government Above The Law?

Is government above the law?

We received the long-awaited advice from Counsel on the merits of our proposed class action against government officials for losses and injuries resulting from Covid Measures.

The advice

The advice is a 27-page summary of the relevant law that drills down into the finer points of common law case precedent, dating back hundreds of years and up to the present time.  It includes some very relevant vaccine injury cases from the last 30-40 years.

The prognosis, in a nutshell, is that while in theory public authorities are generally subject to the same liabilities in tort as private individuals and bodies, in practice, the case law is against us because (1) the Ministerial Code pretty much allows for unbounded discretion in ministerial decision making and (2) the courts have no power to check or overrule ministerial acts or omissions, where these were related to policy-making.

The phrase “above the law” comes to mind.

We’ve been offered us a meeting to discuss the advice, which will give us the chance to clarify points and consider options.  Following that meeting, we will update you again.

Can you help?

Going forward, one thing we will need if the case proceeds is first hand expert reports from a civil servant or former minister.  So if you know one, please contact them and put us in touch!  The specific points needed to be covered in their reports would be directed by Counsel.

We’re also trying to reach out to Dr. Aseem Malhotra, Prof. Carl Heneghan and Prof. Sunetra Gupta, and other relevant UK experts.  We know they’re terribly busy with the great work they’ve been doing.  Perhaps if you also send them a quick message that their work could potentially save us from future tyranny, they might see this is not just your case but also theirs.

They can contact us in the first instance at:

We couldn't do this without you

Without your support, patience and faith we wouldn’t even have got so far as getting the expert advice we now have.   At this time of great global change, it is down to our collective determination what we now do with that advice.

At the most fundamental level, it helps us know where we stand in relation to a governmental system that could turn our democratic nation into a communist-style technocracy with a few draconian pieces of legislation, made by the exercise of ministerial discretion.

If you’d like to support the continuation of this work, the donation link is below.  We’re not giving up until every avenue is explored for holding reckless decision makers to account.

Interview with Ickonic

We spoke to Gareth Icke at Ickonic about Class action Covid UK.  The interview was broadcast on Friday, 24th February, there’s a short clip on Twitter but you can see the full ten-minute interview on the Ickonic platform (Right Now – Episode 99 @14mins – they do a 7-day trial so you can decide if you want to subscribe).

Can you forward this?

Exposure is everything.  If you can share this brief update with just one person, it could help us tremendously in this era of censorship and suppression where the most important voices in the world are actively silenced, thanks to military operations such as the UK’s Counter-Disinformation Unit (CDU) that was stood up just before the first lockdown.

So it’s really up to us to keep talking and sharing the truth…

2 thoughts on “Is Your Government Above The Law?”

  1. Why not sue the vaccinator? They never explained the risks as against the benefits and therefore never obtained “informed consent “. Therefore a civil assault for which the vaccinator would be 100% liable. The vaccinator would have been employed to administer the vaccine and the employer is vicariously liable. Ultimately NHS and Govt will be obliged to indemnify.

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