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Taking Action for Lockdown Harms » Blog » REPLAY: Human Rights Act Reform Consultation (URGENT)

REPLAY: Human Rights Act Reform Consultation (URGENT)

Many people are PANICKING about the Human Rights Act Reform consultation, which they have understood will immediately remove our rights to bodily autonomy and integrity. 

It’s a lot more grey and subtle than this…

It’s an Agenda-driven piece, which says it wants to “balance” our individual rights with the “rights of society”…

That proposition is a FALLACY.

There is no society without individuals, therefore the “rights of society” DEPEND on the rights of each individual being upheld. They cannot, and must never, compete with individual rights.

The ‘Reform’ proposal also seems to want to put more power into the hands of legislators, and give less discretion to our judges, who are supposed to be there to CHECK and BALANCE the legislative powers!

Please have a go at responding to the consultation… make a start NOW (you can save your answers to continue later, up until 8th March).  I know some people are struggling, but there’s no reason why EVERYONE can’t participate, to the best of their ability.

You DON’T HAVE TO answer every question, you can just answer the ones you want.

So for instance, what I’ve just said above about the rights of society not competing with individual rights might form part of my response to Q7.  Use your own words.  Also see this as an opportunity to practice ASSERTING YOUR RIGHTS – we need to do this in all ways – not just protesting on the streets, but also in verbal and non-verbal conversation with others and through the written word.  Mastering these skills means we also pass them down to our kids and grandkids through our spirit, and even in our DNA.


Download or read online the lengthy consultation document, but you can skip the parts that confuse you or come back to them later.

If you can, print out the doc, grab a coffee/tea/wine and a pen, and start underlining, circling and scribbling! 

NEXT, scroll down that page and click ‘Respond online’:

Scroll down again and click ‘Online Survey’…

HERE is where the survey starts:

The questions are separated into sections, which you can click on in any order…

I recommend sitting at the computer with the consultation doc printed out, if possible, so you can refer to the various sections mentioned within the questions. 

Answer the easy questions first that don’t take too much thought or reading, SAVE, then see if you have the desire to read and answer more.  SAVE, then keep going in this way until a few days before the deadline, then SUBMIT!


We the people have the power.

3 thoughts on “REPLAY: Human Rights Act Reform Consultation (URGENT)”

  1. Can’t you guys please give some guidance on how to answer each question – if someone doesn’t make this easy no one will do it (I thought I heard that a human’s attention span is lower than a goldfish these days?) Plus the questions are DESIGNED to be so complicated as to hurt people’s brains so they just give up.
    The questions in one public response feedback I did recently were the most convoluted double negatives, I wasn’t sure I answered them the right way round, probably fell into their trap!
    I wish someone smarter than I am had explained how to answer them.! THANK YOU in advance if you can do it on this, and indeed all the scary bills trying to sneak through – Policing Bill , Online Safety Bill etc. !!!

    1. Hey Nikki apologies for the slow response – Save Our Rights and Big Brother Watch are good organisations to go to for more info on these bills and have some good campaigns that you could participate in such as emailing your MP on important issues.

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