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REPLAY with Richie Allen

I spoke with Richie Allen on his live radio show on Thursday about the CACUK vax injury case.

Richie is an award winning radio and television presenter, a great host, intelligent and informed, and his show – The Richie Allen Show – is “the most listened to independent radio show in Europe.” 

Richie has been commentating on the Covid sham since day 1, interviewing the top medical experts on the subject and latterly discussing the Covid vaccines and injuries.  

You can hear the interview here, starting at around 1hr 6mins into the programme.

You can see more from Richie Allen here.

For more information about CACUK’s case, see this post.

Help get justice for Covid vaccine injuries

Can you help the cause – we want justice for vaccine injuries and we want to see the UK’s laws on informed consent being valued and respected, and practiced properly throughout the entire medical profession, so that in the future when our country’s leaders declare a new pandemic or emergency, the people rights do not get forgotten.

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