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Green Light for Vax Injury Test Case

Hancock has been pushing vax mandates for many years

Vaccine Injured? SCROLL DOWN

This is an update on the legal advice we received on the merits of Class Action Covid UK’s case against government officials, and the direction we have decided to take, based on this.

Meeting with Counsel

In the last case update we explained that the Ministerial Code allows for practically unbounded discretion in ministerial decision making, and this is what will make a case against government decision makers (i.e., Ministers) practically impossible to win.  Following this advice, we sat down with the barrister last week and grilled him with many questions, which he patiently answered with full sympathy to our cause.  The aim was to find ‘loopholes’ and challenge the dry law that had been offered up in the written advice, and see what scope there might be for arguing on the finer points. 

“Best brief… Very compelling”

When we asked the barrister whether he was ‘surprised’ by the contents of our brief and/or whether he doubted any part of the evidence we’d provided, he said that he had found it “very compelling” (meaning the evidence and also the legal arguments we had offered) and in fact stated that it was the “best brief I have ever seen”, which is a grand compliment indeed, considering we instructed by direct access.  (We’ve had lawyers helping pro bono with the brief, but they don’t work in the area of law the case covers; so we briefed direct, as laypersons, saving a lot of money).

The brief was structured to show direct causation, beginning with government-led censorship of science, facts and data, spreading of mis- and dis-information about SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19, masks, testing and vaccines, and the resulting mass harms, including vaccine injury and death as well as huge financial losses. 

One Narrow Loophole

We identified one potential loophole for a case in negligence against government ministers, where their actions could be said NOT to have involved the “weighing of competing public interests”, a factor that otherwise absolves them from any liability whatsoever, regardless of how obviously wrong their actions and decisions are found to be, even in court.  But that legal challenge would still entail a very steep uphill battle.  It remains an option for the future but, for now, a vaccine injury test case is a safer option and more urgent – the time limitation is 3 years from onset of injury.

Vax Injury Test Case

A test case is a single case where the outcome would have significance not only for the person bringing it, but for many others too.  It tests an area of law to get clarity and establish legal rights or principles.  So we can do this with one of the many cases of Covid vaccine injuries.

We are now inviting those who have been harmed by any of the Covid vaccines to contact us at:

Please let people know about this.

If you’ve been injured, please email us with just a short message to let us know you’re interested in the test case, and you’ll then be directed to an online form where you can provide further details.

We can only consider cases in England or Wales currently.  

Please note that we will try to contact everyone, but we will of course be seeking to identify the one case that will be most likely to win and set a precedent for everyone else, so please know that while we’re sympathetic to everyone who is suffering, we will need to be selective when deciding which case to proceed with.


If you’ve not been injured yourself but would like to support the case, please click the link below to go through to our donation page – we can do with all the help we can get, so please spread the word on this too!

What about other vax injury lawsuits?

We’re aware there are other cases proceeding for vaccine injury from Covid vaccines.  Pfizer is being sued in the US for fraud; AstraZeneca is being sued in the UK under the Consumer Protection Act; NHS100k are taking action in relation to tort and employment law.  These are all very different cases, and we hope that each one of them wins.  CACUK’s case will involve medical negligence.  So it will be different from all of the above, and can apply to anyone who’s been injured, whichever vaccine they took.

Forward this - spread the word

It’s important that people know about this, so they stand a chance if they’ve been injured by a Covid vaccine.  It also helps, the more you can share this, the quicker we can proceed as we’ll need to raise funds to get this moving.  Many hands make light work, if everyone chips in we are already winning.  Either copy and paste the section under ‘Vax Injury Test Case” into your groups, or just forward the URL of this entire post.


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12 thoughts on “Green Light for Vax Injury Test Case”

  1. I have tried to register but I’m just getting something about me being a robot. I’m definitely not.
    I’ve tried both email addresses that I use and they are both the same.

    1. Dear Margaret, we had some technical issues but you should have received a verification now to your email address, which you’ll need to confirm for the opt-in. Thanks.

    1. Hi David I’ve just added you in so you should receive a verification email now, which you’ll need to confirm for the opt-in. Thanks.

  2. Greeting,

    Astra Zenica vaccine was donated by the UK Gov to the Philippines and ong other Countries where my Wife a Filipino National, and I a British National ware pushed via a mandate to be vaccinated or we would be restricted, have no freedom of movement or even the ability to buy food, the number of human rights violations abused are staggering.

    I refused to be vaccinated based on a number of factors and research early into the Pandemic. Firstly the vaccine being untested as required and forced under ’emergency use’ only. Secondly the mask mandates and its obvious irrelevance by knowing as I have been trained in the British Army and am well versed in NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical situations), have worked in many Countries with various epedemics and 3rd lack of bio hazard disposal for masks World Wide from the interim while being the most concentrated saturation point (breath in/out) carried and worn by every person in the World more or less, billion upon billions of supposed contaminated daily masks where bio hazard waste disposal was in place, this should be the most important factor yet it was ignored entirely. Ironically to date test kits are still required prior to travel and each kit from the swab has a bio- hazard bag for the swab with a warning, but still no disposal protocol for that, just pure blatant and obvious poor implementation that is a red flag to date.

    To cut a long story short my Wife and I operate a restaurant, in order to continue the business the vaccination was mandatory for permits and operations. My Wife under much pressure as our income was ar risk and likewise peer pressures from her social and civic groups such as Rotary Int. (Memeber), she caved in and apologized to me, a day I will never forget, and took one single dose of AZ. Within days she had Bells Palsy, within months weakend Muscles, and sporadic nerve tremors and constant fatigue. Within a year my dear Wife was more or less unable to walk unassisted, in great pain and displayed all the signs of GBS. Also her nephew who took the same vaccine (AZ) on the same day was wheelchair bound and diagnosed with GBS.

    Others had no side effects, well, human trails have placebo,, so 1/4 would clearly have no effects or supposed protection for that matter, then half doses, in the ‘World injection’ phase obviously planned for years included a army of non medical teams injecting a intermuscular vaccine and one can see the hoards being injected where many drew blood this needle was all to often NOT intermusclular, thus directly into the blood stream and spike protiens into all organs, so logical one can see why some were not effected and some more than others were, the outcome a clear failure in implimentation and practice that lead to losses of life sanctiond by Governments, bodies and funding from the private sectors yet paid by taxes of the victims.

    All the while my Wife was suffering, hesring words of ‘I scared I feel like I am going to die’ is horrific as your trying to consul and say everything will be ok, and knowing you are powerless is gut wrenching, made worse by the media and hatred of anyone unvaccinated as part of the problem and blame- I was wearing a yellow star.

    We went to 3 different hospitals all with non-specific findings even though I requested the conditions were attributed to the vaccine over and over with no responce and for the most past simply walking away. I was banned from the hospital for being unclean, but fought to get back in, and did. The first hospital diagnosed my Wife after all clear of vitals, ECG etc on entry with heart issues, stroke, and multiple myeloma, after being very skeptical and my dear Wife getting Bell Palsy again while in that Hospital she was Air lifted to Makati Medical in Manila for a second opinion, there they more or less discounted out the findings of ACE Medical in Palawan that essentially only worsened her condition to bedridden and needed 24/7 caregivers.

    After a month in Makati Med Manila she past afer having stated she has 10 years of life in hospital form Hosital (community) pneumonia, hospital infection (Sepsis) and organ failure in September 2022.

    I was and still am devastated, tears stream down my face as I write this unplanned and by chance from a advert.

    In all the hospitals never was the vaccine questioned or looked at as a factor, even though my dear Wife and her nephew had similar side effects and I was vocal in the conditions with the linkage citing many peer reviewed publications on deaf ears, and at times looks of discontent and hate. In addition all three hospitals hate no diagnosis was 100% accurate, conclusive or could pinpoint the cause at great personal expense to our savings from CT scans, CAT, PET scans, X-Ray Complete body, blood infusions, one was rejected as the blood was either old or poor handling, to a mire of medication, even stroke medication without diagnosing what type of stroke. (ACE Hospital) to private rooms, and other costs. We literally depleted our savings adding to the stress and my Wife’s state of mind, I felt like my world was on a thread holding the weight of elephants and my Wife’s life, and then it snapped, everything went dark.

    I know this is outside the UK, and the medical industry here is shielded from legal action, but my contention is the donation of the vaccine was from the UK that killed my dear wife and I have no means for course of action or any way to seek solace and justice for the system that murdered my dear Wife may she R.I.P. other than looking at a International crime, as this was the MO , it was a ‘Global syndicate’ both private sector and Govement and using taxpayers coffers.

    What has occurred is a global travesty, and one that is a ‘pandemic of murder’ by poisoning beyond borders and blatant abuse of RoL. In fact my own Goverment has in hindsight sanctioned the murder of my with in a foregin Country via a proxy and bought entities to conspire with tax payers money.

    I know this will fall on deaf ears, however I hope at very least my sadness and contempt for what has occurred can at least be voiced as it has murdered my dear Wife and left me half the person I once was and unable to find recourse with my hands and rights bound – I simply can’t forgive or forget.

    I am sure many others are in the same position a very perversely twisted and dark World where Goverments and Rule of Law have acted tyrannical for greed, using corruption knowing that genocide is at play using a poison in the guise of a vaccination and manipulation of the masses via fear and division so hardwired one can only term this as global mass psychosis, so hard where those vaccinated, thus protected feared the unvaccinated who were not dropping dead, so strong was the fear and mass psychosis that people ludicriously on web-based meetings would close the connection because a virtual attendee was unmasked 1000’s of miles away, never has humanity been so backwards and indoctrinated.

    To date not even a simply apology has been given, not just from our Goverments and institutions but those societies and people as close as friends and family in every City and town to village that was divided to the core of the family unit are still in denial as they peddled pseudo science and threats to the point of incascination if questioned. I now live in a World where I had to lose half of my life just to walk among others, where is the humanity and justice?

    1. Hi Geoffrey, I’ve just added you in so you should receive a verification email now, which you’ll need to confirm for the opt-in. Thanks.

  3. I would like to claim against the government for ruining my Children’s lives because of school closures and lockdowns. My 21-year-old son is now an alcoholic and my daughter’s education has been ruined as a result of school closures.

  4. Hi please email me the correct email address to send you my damage story and my number 07979976996 Martin leach. We must never leave the bereaved and injured in my view.

  5. Hi

    Left in a flurry or gross misconduct as an urgent care night nurse. Refused vaccines and questioned decisions…

    If you need any help with the suit please get in touch, I am a single parent… not working currently as I can’t find anything worthy to dedicate my time to!

    Thank you for everything you do

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