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REPLAY: Fighting Unlawful Medical Mandates

Freedom Friday - Legal Surgery

Here’s the replay for our Zoom session on Friday, 19th November, 2021, where we put our questions to Edward Lowe, founder of the National Employees Union and the Legal Advice Network. 

In the wake of the terrifying, tyrannical medical mandates taking over the NHS, care homes and private businesses, UK employers need YOU to point them in the direction of the real law.  Edward explains how the NEU can help, and how together we can transform this disaster and protect our inalienable rights. 

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Meaning of Mandatory

One of the key questions asked was about the discrepancy between “mandatory” and “law.”  Edward covers this in the video and I’ll summarise here as it’s an important point:

A mandate can be imposed by a business or industry, or anyone, as long as it’s lawful and reasonable, e.g., hard hats in the building industry.  A mandate is not by definition a law.  It’s a requirement – or, more accurately, a conditional requirement: you have to do something in order to be able to do something else, e.g., hard hats for building work; seatbelts for driving; vaccination for entry or access to something (aka “vaccine passports”)

So, if a mandate, or conditional requirement, goes against your existing rights (as do vaccine passports and medical mandates in employment), then it’s an unlawful mandate, and can be challenged in the courts. 

Now, if government imposes a medical mandate in legislation, which is passed as an Act of Parliament, then that is a law, but it’s an unlawful law that should be repealed.  Government-imposed medical mandates are unconstitutional because they go against the law of informed consent.

Sneaked In

The UK Government has sneaked in medical mandates for care homes and are preparing to do so for NHS workers.

If Government-imposed medical mandates are unconstitutional, how can they get away with this, and why did the recent Judicial Review of the care home legislation fail, and the judge insist that it wasn’t mandatory under the Regulations, because the person could ‘choose’ to lose their job rather than get vaccinated?

It’s because the Government sneaked in the mandate (conditional requirement) for anyone entering a care home on the basis that the care home has a duty to ensure a safe environment for residents, and that lack of vaccination poses a deadly risk to the vulnerable residents.  Of course we know that is false, because we have evidence to show the contrary is true.  And we intend to prove this, with your help

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  1. I tried to join meeting but it was full I wanted to ask, How we can travel abroad in the future without being vaccinated and without having to have any test, LFT or PCR etc?

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