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What the GoF?

Watch this video!

This is just a short post to introduce the important topic of Gain of Function (GoF) research, which is briefly described in this enlightening video.

Watch from @10:30 mins

The entire video is actually worth watching, if you get the time.  It’s a 4-hour presentation named ‘Event 2021’ given by Dr. Richard Fleming in Dallas, Texas on 5 June, 2021.  Dr Fleming speaks authoritatively from a medical and scientific standpoint to unravel the shocking (and for some, unbelievable) FACTS about the current global crisis.  He provides documented, verifiable facts throughout.

Other highlights: they want to silence your God Gene!

Watch from 2:48:00 hrs

“This research shows they’ve used [mRNA] technology to intentially silence your genetic material…” – Dr. Fleming introduces a short video clip of a presentation given at the Department of Defence at the Pentagon in 2005.  The presenter details a proposal called “Fun-vax,” which he says will turn a “religious fundamentalist or a religious person” into a “normal person.” 

Fun-vax: A vaccine against religious expression

He explains how the religious fundamentalist’s brain scan lights up in an area associated with ‘Theory of Mind’ (cognitive empathy), when a piece of religious text is read to him.  This is considered undesirable in the eyes of the Fun-vax scientists.  They would prefer you to be a “normal person,” whose brain lights up in an area associated with DISGUST or DISPLEASURE when read the same text.

The researchers proposed to use particular vector viruses to silence a specific undesirable gene, which they called the “God Gene.”

This has to be seen to be believed.  You cannot make this up.

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