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Dr Vernon Coleman’s e-Book on Masks (and a short message)

Dr Vernon Coleman has prepared for humanity a 41-page eBook on masks.  It contains “111 Facts You Must Know about masks and mask wearing, written by the medical doctor who was once David Icke’s GP.

In the words of the good doctor himself,

“This short book contains conclusive proof that face masks do more harm than good, and being forced to wear them is a form of oppression designed to have adverse physical and psychological effects upon the wearer rather than having any protective value.”

Download the eBook:

More from Dr Coleman:

The self-proclaimed ‘Old Man in a Chair’, many years ago, became disillusioned with the medical profession once he learned of the unscrupulous practices and deceit of the pharmaceutical industry.  He has spoken out extensively on the dangers of the covid vaccine agenda since early 2020 and has become a household name among freedom fighters despite being de-platformed from You Tube, Facebook and all other mainstream social media.

Dr Coleman’s website is:

His Brand New Tube channel is:

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