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You Can’t Force or Coerce Me! (TEMPLATE letter)

How do you protect yourself from coercion in the workplace?

In the United Kingdom, and in all commonwealth countries, forced vaccination is illegal.  Coerced vaccination directly opposes our laws on informed consent.  These two principles apply to any medical intervention, including testing and masks.  A medical intervention accepted through coercion may invalidate “consent” and create liability for the person who did the coercing.

Article 6.1 of the UNESCO* Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights states:

UNESCO : Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights
Article 6.1 - Any preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned, based on adequate information. The consent should, where appropriate, be express and may be withdrawn by the person concerned at any time and for any reason without disadvantage or prejudice.

That’s quite a statement.  In ordinary times, you would never need to use this but we are living in extraordinary times where your employer has been forced, coerced, brainwashed or tricked into thinking that YOU no longer have a choice about what goes in, or on, your body.  So, let’s break down what this all means, so you can easily and quickly get the message across to those who would deny you your bodily integrity…

Meaning of ‘medical intervention’

That’s an easy one.  The Collins dictionary defines intervention as “the act of intervening in a situation” and medical as “relating to illness and injuries and to their treatment or prevention.”  So, vaccines and masks and even PCR testing would all fall into this definition, insofar as testing is being advertised as a way to prevent the spread of Covid.

‘Preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic’

In case there was any doubt, we can safely say that vaccines are supposed to prevent illness; face coverings are also being touted as a preventative measure; and those unnecessarily long nasal swabs are said to be used for diagnostic purposes (even though they are unsuitable for that purpose, according to the Lisbon Court of Appeal in November 2020).

What is ‘informed consent’?

Informed consent isn’t limited to human experiments, as per the Nuremberg Code.  It is entrenched in our common law system and has been defined explicitly over decades.  The NHS Constitution for England (updated 2015) states that every person has the right to […]

  • accept or refuse treatment that is offered, and not to be given any physical examination or treatment unless they have given valid consent.
  • be given information about the test and treatment options available, what they involve and their risks and benefits.

The Supreme Court stated, in the case of Montgomery v Lanarkshire (2017), that the law protects a person’s “freedom to decide what shall and shall not be done with their body” and that “decisions about medical care are not simple yes/no answers.  There are choices to be made, […] and sufficient information must be given so that this can be done.”

Valid consent

… means consent given by a person 18 years or over who is of sound mind and has capacity to give that consent. 

The exception to this is ‘Gillick competency,’ which allows a child under 18 to give valid legal consent, for instance, to obtain contraception without her parents’ knowledge or consent.  Currently, the concept of Gillick competency is being abused to coerce school-age children into being vaccinated without their parents’ knowledge or consent). 

Sufficient information

… means information that is sufficient for, and relevant to, the person making the decision; that is, the person who is being offered (or told to have) a medical intervention: YOU.

Unqualified statements such as “vaccines are safe and effective and are the best way to combat COVID-19” are NOT sufficient information.  Biased statistics and promotional material published by the vaccine manufacturers or stakeholders are UNLIKELY to provide sufficient information.  The information should also be specific to the age group and health status of the individual (YOU), as each individual can react differently to the same treatment.

‘Prior, free’

It goes without saying that, to give informed consent, you would need the information prior to giving the consent.  So, being handed a Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) with the listed side effects after vaccination doesn’t count.  Further, you would need time to digest that information before making your decision, so you should be given it at least a week before. 

Free’ here means, specifically, that you are NOT coerced, pressured, forced or under duress or threat of any kind, such as losing your job, as a consequence of not vaccinating, testing or wearing a mask.

Meaning of ‘adequate information’

This is well covered in the Supreme Court judgment mentioned above and means information that is appropriate to the individual concerned, since each human being is unique in their potential response to any intervention.

‘The consent should, where appropriate, be express’

It has become commonplace for schools to send letters to parents stating that, if their child is on the premises on ‘vaccination day,’ this will be taken as consent for vaccination.  This type of consent is known as ‘implied consent.’ 

Express consent means an affirmative verbal or written statement.  In the absence of a strict legal definition of “where appropriate,” we must apply common sense and logic.  Common sense would say we should be more cautious rather than less cautious,
when it comes to medical intervention for children.  Since schoolchildren are
expected to be in school every day unless they are sick, it would certainly be appropriate for consent to be express, not just implied.  Otherwise you have situations occuring such as in New Zealand recently, where many schoolchildren were vaccinated without consent “by accident.”

This express consent should apply to ALL medical interventions in schools, including testing, masks and vaccinations.  And (notwithstanding Gillick competency, which doesn’t apply with coercion and lack of sufficient relevant information), the express consent must be from the child’s parent or guardian.

Finally, guidance to the medical profession in the UK is that informed consent should be obtained in writing, if possible.  Therefore, if you are a parent or guardian and have NOT given your child’s school an express consent in writing for your child to be tested, masked or vaccinated at school, it should not be happening.

‘may be withdrawn… at any time and for any reason’

You can, quite literally, turn up to your vaccine appointment, take your seat, watch the newly trained vaccinator remove the vial from the packet, suddenly have a panicky feeling or a gut instinct that “I’m not sure about this,” and you can get up and walk away with no consequence whatsoever.  That is your legal right, as explained by this short excerpt.

‘without disadvantage or prejudice’

… and when you change your mind, and withdraw your consent for any reason that you have no obligation to explain to anybody, nobody can subject you to any disadvantage or prejudice.  They can’t sack you, bully you, or reduce your pay.  They can’t refuse you goods, services or employment. 

Template letter

So, here is a template letter that you can adapt to your unique situation.  We give no guarantee of outcome with this letter and it is not intended as legal advice.  If in doubt, seek independent legal advice.  This letter should only be used after you have received in writing a statement insisting that you are expected to vaccinate, test or wear a mask, or that you are being denied access to something because of your unwillingness to vaccinate, test or wear a mask.  In some circumstances, we may be able to assist you in drafting a personal letter or email.  Please contact us on if you would like to request personal help.

Template Letter to Assert Your Right to Freedom of Medical Choice
By downloading this template you agree you have read the above paragraph, you assume full responsibility for the use and amendment of this template, you understand it is not legal advice and you agree to use and amend it sensibly to accomodate your unique personal circumstances.

* United Kingdom is one of the 193 Member States of UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) and the Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights was adopted by its General Conference on 19 October 2005.  See the full list of Member States here.  Read the full text of the Declaration here.

7 thoughts on “You Can’t Force or Coerce Me! (TEMPLATE letter)”

  1. Can you get rid of the sidebar menu: F,Tw,in,t,email it covers the text I want to read on the very right. I have to keep scrolling up/down to reveal your message text. What will all the other limitations of screen space I have very little text viewing area.

    Q: what about the forced internment camps. The narrative is, to remove the un-vaxed into Covid Interment Camps (death camps with a crem furnace as an annex) “for the safety of everyone else” people will be held “for the duration” (of the faked pandemic, which is unlimited duration). During this illegal detention a person will be constantly “offered” the vax.
    There is no proof the vax protects against cv19 infection, it’s all about getting it’s unspecified mixture of controlling substances into people’s body. One being nanobots, (trojan horse) which will relase their payload upon external trigger. It is paired with the “tags” the NWO are going to bring in, AKA Apple/Samgsung watch.

    1. Hi Peter, re the sidebar, do you mean the social sharing buttons? on my mobile they appear at the bottom of the screen, although presently on the desktop view they are obstructive on the left of the screen. I will get our web guy to look into this asap, as it’s important the content can be viewed comfortably.

      As to your other point: yes, internment/ forced quarantine and a Chinese-style social credit system limiting and determining rights do appear to be on the agenda. This is what we are all fighting against, which is a mixture of understanding our rights and awakening others. It is up to us ordinary people to stand up for our rights consistently, to ensure we do not end up down that road. As well as practical steps I’m a strong believer in the power of human energy. To this end there are many of us pooling our spiritual energy towards the future we actually DO want, please join us – we do a zoom session, Freedom Friday, where we will discuss how to awaken universal wisdom, if that is of interest to you. details are shared in the newsletter and on the telegram channel:

  2. Dear CACUK,

    Could this letter be used to issue to the Home Office and an airline or possibly even a foreign embassy to open up travel and protect against quarantine etc?

    Many thanks ,


    1. Hi PJ, you can certainly adapt this letter to send to any establishment trying to force you to accept any medical intervention against your wishes. The key is to make it as personal relevant and fact based as possible and to have a back up plan. i.e., if no satisfactory response then the next step is ‘letter before action’ which essentially threatens legal action.

  3. I thought I had seen a self exception document or Web link on one of your videos previously but cannot seem to find it now.

    Could you post the link here please?

    My sister in law is working under G4S who have a government contract and their pressurising here for vax status.

    1. national employees union – – should be able to help with employer mandates. you can try a self exemption from the website, but with a gov contracted body she may come up against fierce opposition so she’ll need a professional representation really – a union rep and/or exemption letter tailored to her (not a template)

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