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COVID-Status Certification is UK Apartheid

Here is my 13-page submission in response to the UK Government’s ‘call for evidence’ in its COVID-status certification review:

I have not held back! I’ve explained that certification won’t work, because the vaccines don’t work and neither does testing. And that the scheme would be a crime against humanity, akin to apartheid. There are 30 medical, legal and data references, all from official/authoritative sources. UK Government is therefore put on notice that implementing, encouraging or allowing such a segregational scheme would mean criminal liability.

I’m happy for anyone to copy and paste any part of my submission, or even just re-submit it with a covering note, if you agree with it all.

You have until Monday, 29th March to let them know what you think of their criminal proposals.

3 thoughts on “COVID-Status Certification is UK Apartheid”

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    1. Hi Suzy, thanks for letting us know, can you check your email and spam, as you seem to have been sent the confirmation emails. I’ve just confirmed you in the system too:) (let me know if you still don’t find the emails)

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