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Assert Your Vaccine Exemption (Everybody Can Do This)

Freedom Friday - Legal Surgery

In this presentation I explain how and why EVERYONE can assert a vaccine exemption.  The video provides an overview of the law, guidance, resources, tips and techniques relating to vaccine exemptions. 

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9 thoughts on “Assert Your Vaccine Exemption (Everybody Can Do This)”

    1. Yes – any country where informed consent applies to medical intervention. And Scotland was the origin of the Montgomery case, appealed and won in the Supreme Court, which outlines the law on informed consent.

  1. Hi I just come across this site and your video, and it was very interesting. I am not registered with the NHS, I deregistered 2020, after suffering medical harms from a medical device implanted by an NHS surgeon, and so have distrust in NHS and more so with the Government. I do not accept or consent with the Government attempts to steal my rights and liberties. Sadly hundreds of thousands of others have fallen victim to the Governments deceptions, who are nothing more than an advertising and promotions agency for the big pharma! Anyway my point is this, there are a few million of people not NHS registered – that is a problem for the Governments digital id plans.

    1. Hi Deborah, that’s great to know! Next step is to establish that those of us who don’t want or need NHS “services” shouldn’t have to pay for them through our taxes, since we’re also spending our money on more holistic treatments and/or private medical care!

      Out of interest, what was the process you followed and how do you confirm/establish that you are entirely deregistered from the NHS – this might be of interest to others? I did a quick search and found this FOIA response: which says:

      FOI, England (NHS ENGLAND), NHS England 14 November 2016
      Dear Ms Sayer,

      Re: Freedom of Information request (Our Ref: FOI-022672)

      Thank you for your Freedom of Information (FOI) request dated 21 October

      Your exact request was:

      “Please provide me with a copy of the procedure and process to be followed
      by GP practices when a patient requests to deregister from a practice.

      For clarity, I am referring to when a patient requests deregistration
      only, without transfer to a new practice/provider.”

      NHS England holds some information relevant to your request.

      It may help if we explain that this process is set out in section 13.9 of
      the NHS England Standard General Medical Services Contract 2015/16 (the
      requirements are the same for PMS). As the information held is in the
      public domain, we will under Section 21 of the FOI Act (information
      accessible to the applicant by other means) refer you to the published

      · [1]

      In reality the GP practice will usually inform NHS England of the removal
      request via the electronic link between their clinical system and the
      Exeter system managed by Primary Care Support England (PCSE), although
      sometimes the request may be made by letter, fax or email.

    2. Lorena Arnez Vargas

      Dear Mina and Deborah,
      This is a great point. How can you have the NHS covid pass without being under the NHS?
      Extremely relevant issue!

  2. Hello
    Slightly off topic I know!
    Is there a Template letter or any advice welcomed with travelling to my Home in Spain I have my residencia and my sister has under gone Breast Cancer .
    I have a supportive G.P. who will sign any relevant form of exemption not wanting to go through the PCR procedure.

  3. Dear Mina, do you have a page with the important links and PDF letters you mention in this video of exemption? I was looking for them and couldn’t find it.
    This video gives everyone a lot of hope.
    I am very grateful to your work.

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