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Even GPs Don’t Want “The” “Vaccine” Now!

This letter, sent by a GP to her local MP Jesse Norman, was shared in a telegram group and I’ve taken the liberty of sharing here, assuming permission is granted.

It concerns the General Medical Council (GMC)’s position that all doctors should be vaccinated, and that they could face disciplinary action if they don’t.

Thank you to this enlightened GP for boldly speaking out in spite of strong pressure to go along with popular, but misinformed, medical opinion. Going against the grain in the medical field is never a decision taken lightly and the brave Doctor Clare Jones has faced ignorant criticism from individuals such as Tory MP Paul Bristow and Joyce Robbins of Patient Concern.

Here’s the letter in its entirety, worth a copy and paste / share at the very least!

Dear Jesse,

Having worked tirelessly for the NHS for 31 years as a hospital doctor, A&E doctor and a GP with probably two sick days in my whole career, is the Government really suggesting that because I exert my choice not to have the Covid vaccine, my wealth of medical experience is going to be lost just because I choose to exercise my free will and conscience?

Like most other people who decline the vaccine, I’m not an “anti-vaxxer”. My son is fully vaccinated; I have travel vaccines. But I weigh up the pros and cons of vaccines in a more informed way than most other people and have decided for now I don’t want it (likewise the flu vaccine). There is currently a haemorrhaging of experienced GPs due to unprecedented stress levels, including one over the last couple of months from our five partner practice. If I go it will destabilise our already struggling practice.

I have borne the burden of vaccinating (with no extra payment and massive organisational toll) the population who CHOOSE to be vaccinated, the burden of listening to the thousands of patient emotionally damaged by the ill-judged and poorly assessed lockdown (the lack of risk/benefit analysis has been criminal), the burden of carrying work for other colleagues who can’t manage the unprecedented stress in the system, the dumping of more and more work onto primary care – and now this slap in the face.

The Government needs to take a break from criticising the Chinese Communist Party for a moment and stop in its own attempts at re-educative, repressive and punitive strategies directed toward minorities such as those who choose not to be vaccinated. It is disrespectful and demeaning to an educated and thoughtful sector of society to impose a medical procedure against our will.

I would also like to be able to continue to move freely in the UK and the world at large, which is a much more effective and healthy way of managing mental strain than the endless mental health online resources we are bombarded with and that we’re much too busy and exhausted to look at. Travelling and exploring freely in the world at home and abroad has proved an effective way to keep me functioning well in a highly stressful job. Happily, I just need to be able to move freely in my God-given environment and breathe God’s free air to keep me happy and functioning as a productive and functional human being. Vaccine passports would deprive me of this healthy outlet.

Believe me, I will make the most of an imposed early retirement if enforced vaccination becomes a reality, by finishing my thesis on “governmental revolving door policies with particular emphasis on pharmaceutical companies”. After all, what do I have to lose? Not my freedom.

(Dr) Clare Jones


A round of applause and a standing ovation from me.

Let’s have MUCH MORE of this civil disobedience from the UK’s professionals! After all, England is the pioneer of the common law system that protects the inalienable human rights of citizens around the world in a way that no UN-centred international treaty or so-called Human Rights Act could ever hope to do.

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