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Could This Case Begin The End of Vaccine Mandates GLOBALLY?

On Monday, 22 February 2021 there will be a court hearing taking the US Government to court, seeking, effectively, an END to vaccine mandates across the entire country. Please visit the site for details of the case, there is even a link to be able to listen in live to the proceedings and you can donate to support the case, which I’m sure will be landmark for the entire world, if it wins.

Vaccine mandates are the reason and the end goal of the current coronavirus crisis.

What’s a vaccine mandate?

Mandate’ doesn’t just mean the government says you must take a vaccine, or go to jail or get a fine. It means, if you ‘CHOOSE‘ not to take it, you can be denied certain rights, certain freedoms, certain privileges, or access to jobs, positions, shops, airlines, countries, etc. etc. This is FORCED vaccination.

What does ‘force’ mean?

Force doesn’t always mean physical force. Forced vaccination doesn’t mean “they can literally take you and plunge a needle into your arm,” as Alan Dershowitz notoriously claimed in an interview last year. The Collins English dictionary defines force as follows:

“If someone forces you to do something, they make you do it even though you do not want to, for example by threatening you...

“If someone forces something on or upon you, they make you accept or use it when you would prefer not to.”

A government who allows any company, organisation or industry, including health, to mandate or force vaccination (or testing, or masks) by the use of threats or conditions, is condoning mandatory or forced vaccination even if that government doesn’t explicitly mandate vaccination.

Is there a case for vaccine mandates?

The only justification given for mandatory vaccination is that vaccines eradicate disease and lower mortality. And that the healthy must be vaccinated to protect the vulnerable (who can’t be vaccinated). Along with this justification is the myth that vaccines cannot cause harm. Well, one of the exhibits in this momentous US case is an infographic showing a “very high correlation” between the number of vaccine doses on the CDC schedule and the prevalence of chronic disease in the US population.

Anyone with a thinking brain should deduce that a very high correlation between vaccines and chronic diseases casts serious doubt on the assumptions underlying mandatory vaccination. Those who also care about health should conclude that vaccines should never be mandatory, anywhere, for any reason.

The Informed Consent Defense website provides extensive evidence, including all documentation filed in the Federal Court in California. Please share this vital information with all your family, friends, doctors, nurses, schoolteachers and neighbours. This shows you care about their health and well-being! If they choose to ignore it, that is their choice. Ultimately, the more you share the truth, the more people will hear you.

CACUK and Outlaw Medical Mandates is about to launch a campaign to educate the world about these truths. We should have an international treaty to Outlaw Medical Mandates, Everywhere, Forever. We would gratefully receive any donation you are able to offer, to promote this cause. Even if that ‘donation’ is just your actions to share this vital information!

Thanks so much for your kind attention. The world needs more people like you!

UPDATE: We have now launched the medical mandates educational website where you can sign and share the Declaration against Medical Mandates, Misinformation and Coercive Techniques.

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