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Dr Tess Lawrie’s Letter (Vaccine Injuries)

I was encouraged to send a copy of this letter to my MP and GP, you might already have come across it as it’s been virally shared since it was published on 9th June.  It informs the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulation Agency (MHRA) of the critically high levels of serious adverse events from ALL the covid “vaccines”:

Does your doctor understand you?

I’ve actually been in to my GP this week and handed her the letter in person, along with a series of 9 episodes of a vaccine info documentary that I asked her to please look at.  I’m fortunate in that I have a lovely doctor who was very open to all this information and understood my vaccine concerns.  She agreed to remove me from any list for reminders and noted that with my neuro-issues, which she knows about, it’s absolutely valid for me to not want any more vaccines. 

I really encourage everyone to also send or give a copy of Dr Lawries’s letter, with a personal note, confidently expressing your concerns and make sure you are listened to.  If you’ve not got an understanding doctor, get another one!  I selected mine over a period of time – all the other doctors at my surgery have been great, but when I saw this one for the first time, I felt I clicked with her and she was so kind and helpful, so I’ve asked for her each time since.  I’ve made her ‘my doctor’ even though officially I’m registered under another doctor at the surgery!  I have to wait a lot longer for an appointment, but since I rarely have urgent concerns I’ll happily wait to see someone I know understands me and cares.

So in this time of attempted reset of our culture and humanity, let’s aggressively fight to maintain those old-fashioned friendly relationships with our personal family doctor, that our parents and grandparents enjoyed. 

My doctor said to me, even though her husband is an infectious diseases doctor and has worked with the likes of Chris Whitty (!!!), she believes in free speech and believes that everybody should have access to all the information to be able to make an informed choice.  So not all of the healthcare profession has turned into automatons, and I really believe that even if they’re on the brink, nothing beats an honest, heart-to-heart dialogue for getting through to someone and getting heard.

You can dramatically transform your situation whenever you wish, just by putting out your intention to the universe.

The Evidence-Based Medicine Consultancy

Dr Tess Lawrie has also written other reports, including on Ivermectin, so if you go to the website for her organisation, The Evidence-Based Medicine Consultancy, you’ll have access to all of this medical information along with some great template cover letters that you can use if you wish.

Post below your triumphs and tribulations in dealing with doctors and MPs!  Any suggestions?

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  1. The government and court of protection, should stop these forced injections. My daughter will NOT be having ANY of them. FULL STOP

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