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CACUK – It’s All CACK!

The 77th Brigade have been busy on Twitter lately.  Many brand new accounts have been set up solely, it would seem, to discredit any individual or group trying to present the truth about the Covid situation, or to help those struggling with the government’s propaganda programme.

One particular account thought it was clever to describe CACUK as “CACK UK“, which in fact is the correct pronunciation and the intended pun of the carefully chosen acronym.  So I thought I’d take this opportunity to explain what “CACK UK” really means…

The lotus blooms in the muddy pond

Buddhism teaches the analogy of the lotus: that, out of the muddiest pond blooms the cleanest and purest lotus flower.  The teaching is called The Sutra of the Lotus of the Wonderful Law, or “Lotus Sutra” for short.  Next time you have the good fortune to see lotuses blooming in muddy water, ponder this for a moment: 

There is no light without darkness.

Yin and Yang are opposites, yet cannot exist without each other.

The muddy pond always had the potential to bring forth its lotus, which feeds on the nutrition the pond provides.

‘MyoHo’ in the Lotus Sutra means ‘seen and unseen’; ‘latent and manifest’.  The muddy pond holds unseen, latent energy, which is utilised and transformed in the creation of the beautiful lotus, which thrives in the pond.  By this analogy we can see how we, as human beings, also have unseen, latent potential, which on the surface might look like negative circumstances.

The ‘CACK’ around us

We are living in a world of “cack” right now, folks.  There is no doubt about this.  It is not a good time when the government of a supposedly democratic, free nation imposes on its people draconian and harmful “Covid Measures”, declaring they will save lives while “The (real) Science” shows they can only do harm. 

But do not think for a moment this is a reason to feel defeated.  The truth is the opposite.  The “cack”, or muddy pond, all around us consists of energy, which can be harnessed and transformed to produce great good.  Be like the lotus and harness that energy!

Limitless potential

I believe we are all limitless beings, with limitless potential.  We are not separate and distinct from the entire universe, nor from each other.  Dare I say, what Bill Gates has, in its pure (untainted) form, you also have.  You alone can choose what you do with your strength, or your perceived weakness.  You choose, every moment of every single day.  You choose what to look at and listen to, what to think and feel about it, and what to say and do about it. 

Rise up

By the laws of attraction and cause and effect, when you rise up, so will those around you.  When we all rise up together, with the intention to WIN, we can do nothing but WIN.

Together, we are rising up amid the “cack” of the powerful propaganda and the harmful Covid Measures we are experiencing in the UK and around this beautiful world.  We are rising up in the streets, in the courts and on social media. 

It always feels good to rise up, for then we see what it means to be alive.  But when we rise up with pure, untainted energy, and we guide that energy with our positive intention for great good, this is what will bring the quickest, most positive results.

So, when you find yourself in despair over the “cack” you see around you, remember where the lotus flower blooms and decide what you’re going to create out of this muddy pond.

And remember:  We.  Will.  WIN.


Namu Myoho Renge Kyo

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