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CACUK – It’s All CACK!

I’m thrilled to report the haters on Twitter have discovered CACUK and are publicising it (thank you) as ‘CACK.’  This gives me the perfect opportunity to explain the meaning behind the carefully chosen acronym… It could have been “Covid Class Action UK” (CCAUK), or “UK Class Action against Lockdown” (UKCAL), or, to be more legally correct, “UK Group Litigation for Lockdown Harms” (UKGLLH) but none of these is remotely catchy. 

Nope, I chose Class Action Covid UK (CACUK – pron. ‘Cack UK’) for a reason: 

It’s All Cack.

Buddhism teaches that out of the muddy pond blossoms the cleanest, purest, most wonderful flower.  This is the lotus flower.  And that teaching is the Lotus Sutra.  Next time you have the good fortune to see lotuses blossoming out of muddy water, just dwell on this for a moment: 

There is no light without darkness.

Yin and Yang are opposites, yet cannot exist without each other.

The muddy pond always had the POTENTIAL to bring forth its lotus, which feeds on the nutrition the pond provides.

‘MyoHo’ in the Lotus Sutra means ‘seen and unseen’; ‘latent and manifest’.  The muddy pond holds unseen, latent energy. That is YOU, when you feel like shit (aka Cack).  In that moment, turn your mind to your potential.

We are living in a world of CACK right now, folks.  There is no doubt about this.  But do not think for a moment this is a reason to feel down, or defeated.  The truth is the opposite.  The CACK, or muddy pond, all around us consists of energy, which can be consumed to produce both good and bad.  Be the lotus flower and harness that energy.

We are all limitless beings, with limitless potential.  We are not separate and distinct from the entire universe, nor from each other.  Dare I say, what bill Gates has, in its pure (untainted) form, you also have.  You alone can choose what you do with your strength.  You choose, every single day and every single minute.  You choose what to look at, what to say, what to think and feel.  There are so many great meditations out there that you can always tune into, and we of course have our ‘Freedom Friday’ zoom (first Friday of the month – the link gets shared through the newsletter, if you sign up [link to home] and also through the CACUK Support [link] Telegram channel. 

When you rise up, so will those around you.  When we all rise up together, with the intention to WIN, we can do nothing but WIN.

Together, we will are fighting the evil agenda we are experiencing.  We are fighting in the streets, in the courts, on social media.  Now, when we fight with pure, untainted energy, and we guide that energy with our intention, THAT is what brings the quickest, most accurate results.

Please join me in creating YOUR personal vision for 2030 [link to post].

We.  Will.  WIN.


Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo

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