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Are YOU Ready for 2030?

Reclaim Your Future – What’s YOUR Vision?

This website was set up in response to the overwhelming number of emails I received from concerned individuals who, being harmed by lockdown measures, were also painfully aware of certain longer-term agendas that seem to underlie the short-term lockdown agendas we are all currently enduring.

CACUK is not just a legal case against the UK government for lockdown harms.  It aims to provide a support network for those seeking to empower themselves on a personal level; and it aims to use our current legal structure to make positive changes in our laws and in society, specifically:

  1. To establish that vaccines can never be mandatory in the UK, because they are “unavoidably unsafe
  2. To establish in the UK that personal medical freedom shall never be compromised by a so-called “pandemic”, a war, or any other national or international emergency.
  3. To establish that the UK government MUST NOT coerce the British public to accept any form of medical intervention, be it vaccines, testing, DNA harvesting, nanoparticles, masks, goggles(!) or anything else.
  4. To establish laws prescribing that all vaccine advertising and “informational” media MUST include a clear health warning (like that on cigarette packets).

So, here’s where you come in and how you can help…


DAVOS, the WEF and the UN are rapidly stepping up their propaganda campaigns to get the global public prepped for THEIR Agenda 2030.  We are free to accept or decline their proposals.  But, in order to decline, we have to create our own agenda, our CLEAR VISION for OUR future.

We’re about to launch a campaign to “OUTLAW MEDICAL MANDATES (Everywhere, Forever).” This means the whole world!!

This campaign will be based on scientific and medical evidence that vaccines cause injury, death and chronic illnesses.  And that they are NOT shown to eradicate illnesses or reduce deaths.

The campaign will be led by a video, showing the world what OUR 2030 will look like, what OUR “new normal” would be, if it were up to us! 

If you would like to participate and be one of the creators of “Our New World” (not New World Order!), please email with the following:

  • A POSITIVE sentence or paragraph of what the world looks or feels like in YOUR ‘new normal’ – begin the sentence with “In MY New Normal, …” (avoid negative statements).
  • Your age (please encourage all members of your family to make their statements, we want every generation to be represented in this campaign).
  • Whether you’d like to be in the video
  • Where you live (just the town) and whether you can travel.
  • Your phone number (in case our follow up email doesn’t reach you).

You will then be given further information about the campaign, within a couple of weeks.

Please share this to your friends and groups, anyone who wants to make a difference in our future should have the chance to be involved.

Also join us on the telegram group Outlaw Medical Mandates (Everywhere, Forever).

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