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Class Action Covid UK

Harmed by Lockdown?

If you’ve been harmed because of lockdown or other covid measures, you may have a claim against the UK government and others for causing these harms.

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A case for Lockdown Harms

On 16 March 2020, a chosen team of advisers published a paper that informed UK and US policies. Those policies have caused unprecedented harm to the public and there is no evidence that the policies were justified.

The 16 March paper made many false assumptions, for example:

All of the above, and more, have been proven WRONG.  Lockdown measures were based on bad advice!


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Frequently Asked Questions

In the UK, our ‘class actions’ work differently from those you see in American dramas.  The correct term is a ‘Group Litigation Order,’ for which you have to seek permission from the Court.  Unlike in America, where everybody in a particular ‘class’ (e.g., working for the same employer) is automatically included, UK’s group litigation is an ‘opt-in’ system.  

We already have the facts and evidence that harms have been suffered, and that certain persons caused it, but there are many hoops to jump through before the case gets to court.  First, we must prove that there is a ‘case to try’ – that our case has a reasonable chance of success.  Next, we must prove it is in the public interest to amalgamate similar cases that fit a template case for Lockdown Harms.  Finally, once we get across these hurdles, everybody affected can be a potential claimant.

In our view, almost everybody in the country and indeed the world has been adversely affected by the global Covid “response,” whether they know it or not.  However, because government policies have applied behavioural psychology so effectively, many people are unaware they have been harmed.

If you sign up to our newsletter, you’ll automatically be contacted when we’re in a position to review individual cases, but please note we cannot advise on your case at present.

Class Action Covid UK is based on the English legal system, which is a common law system.  The English common law system comprises both statute and case law precedent.  It involves an intricate evolution of nuanced principles and concepts, which have been established over centuries.  There is no ‘common law’ separate and distinct from ‘statute law’ or any other form of law in this country.  The entire English legal system is a common law system, and common law applies to all disputes.  If a dispute cannot be settled by what the statute says, or the statute is unclear, then everyday definitions and common law principles apply.

CACUK’s case is a tort case.  Tort law is where someone has hurt you and you sue them for it.  You can claim damages (compensation).  In this sense, you can say we are relying on ‘common law,’ because the body of laws that will govern the decision in this case are not written in statute but established in historical cases.

This is also a ‘civil law’ case, as opposed to a ‘criminal law’ case.  Criminal cases must be proven ‘beyond a reasonable doubt.’  This is an extremely high standard of proof.  Civil cases, on the other hand, are decided ‘on the balance of probabilities.’  To win her case on the balance of probabilities, the claimant only needs to prove it is more than 50% likely her case is right.  This is what the scales of justice (see our header picture) represents.

There is much confusion currently about what ‘common law’ actually is.  A good starting point to understanding the English legal system is the CILEx Level 3 Introduction to Law and Practice.  Anyone can access this, so you don’t need to get into law school to understand the law.

Class Action Covid UK was set up to address harms from ‘Covid measures’ such as lockdowns, tiers, social distancing rules and mask mandates, leading to ill health and/or financial loss.  Vaccine mandates and forced vaccination are separate legal issues, so would not fall into the scope of a group litigation for ‘Lockdown Harms.’  However, we are against medical mandates of any kind and will endeavour to support anyone who faces forced or coerced vaccination or testing.

Our sister site, On Medical Mandates, is a fledgling educational resource that addresses the delicate issue of vaccines in general, reviewing the scientific and legal evidence that vaccines are unsafe.

The views expressed in individual blog posts on this website are those of the post’s author and do not represent CACUK or any other person, group or lawyer who may from time to time advise or otherwise help us with the case.

The most powerful thing you can do to help is be positive, strong and raise your vibrational energy on a daily basis.  This would have seemed a bizarre thing to say a year ago, but now even the world’s most eminent lawyers and scientists agree we are fighting a spiritual war.  But the enemy is your own negativity, which can set in whenever you take your eye off the ball.  The deciding factor in whether we win, together, is if we determine to grow stronger through adversity rather than be defeated by it.

Other ways you could help include:

  1. Skills – if you have skills to offer, we would love to hear from you. We are looking for expertise in the following areas: legal, science, medical, health, marketing, media and social media.
  2. Advocacy – there are those who are struggling to cope. If you’re a problem solver, adept at asserting your rights, would you consider helping someone else who can’t?  Please get in touch – become a ‘Freedom Buddy,’ or just bring your positive energy along to our ‘Freedom Friday’ Zoom call (see above).
  3. Donate – if you’re able and would like to contribute with a financial donation, every penny is gratefully received, and no amount is too small.
  4. Anything else you can think of – everybody has a unique mission, only you can achieve yours, so please stand up and join the fight, in whatever way suits you best.
Class Action Covid UK